🏯 Ooyama Afuri Shrine πŸŽŽπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

[倧山阿倫利η₯žη€Ύ] was founded about 2200 years ago, and has been revered as a spiritual mountain in the Kanto[閒東] area.

Autumn Festival [秋季例倧η₯­] is a festival that tells Ooyama [倧山] the end of summer and the arrival of autumn. You can see the Mikoshi [η₯žθΌΏ] carrying people and go down the steep slope, and you can see Kagura dance [η₯žζ₯½θˆž], Noh [能] and Kyogen [狂言].
Photos by Meguro Kunihiko

Ooyama Afuri Shrine [倧山阿倫利η₯žη€Ύ]γ€€Autumn Festival [秋季例倧η₯­]
27-29 August 2019


[Kanagawa Japon 127]

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