🎏🎆🎌 Summer Adventure in UTAGEJIMA 2019 “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island”💫🔱

🎦✡️ Summer Adventure in UTAGEJIMA 2019 “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island” [宴島2019 真夏のモンキー・D・ルフィ島]

Please come to Yokosuka dyed “One Piece” this summer! Yokosuka [横須賀] is currently holding a collaboration event with the world-famous anime “One Piece”.
During the event, Sarushima [猿島] and Yokosuka City Central are offering gifts for collaboration events such as decorations related to “One Piece” and stickers.

A stamp rally is also held in the shopping district.
Until 20 Oct 2019
https://utagejima.jp/en/ (EN)
https://www.cocoyoko.net/onepiece/ (JP)
[Kanagawa Japon 128]

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