🌟🧖 “Shiseido「S/PARK」 Yokohama ✨🧘🥗

“Beauty Inspiration” at Shiseido’s experience facility S/PARK in Minato Mirai, Yokohama. S/PARK Museum where you can learn about various techniques of beauty through interactive experiences such as virtual makeup,

There are lots of attractive contents to find tips for polishing your beauty, such as S/PARK Studio where you can experience active beauty through your own exercise program.

If you want to take a break, why not enjoy a delicious and healthy meal at S/PARK Cafe?
From the vegetable-centered (vegetarian) menu, we recommend a lunch plate that allows you to choose three types of your favorite deli! Please come to S/PARK, a beauty experience facility where you can beautify from the outside and inside of your body.

7:00〜22:00 (Saturdays & holidays 8:00〜18:00)

[Kanagawa Japon 133]

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